Specialty Acute Care


Lakeview Specialty Hospital, located in Waterford, Wisconsin (800-611-2063), is licensed as an acute care hospital founded to enable individuals with catastrophic injuries and illness, acquired brain injuries, neurobehavioral impairments and other complex medical diagnoses to achieve the highest level of healing and functional independence possible. Located on 80+ acres in a rural community outside of Milwaukee, our peaceful grounds, coupled with tenured, talented and caring staff, lend to the healing process.

As a “provider’s provider,” Lakeview provides intensive hospital-based services and progressive rehabilitation for individuals needing medical, physical, and cognitive intervention. Through close medical supervision from specialized physicians, experienced nursing staff, skilled therapists, and generous staffing ratios, our program optimizes the recovery process. The main goal for any individual is to discharge home or to a less restrictive setting. The Hospital serves individuals of all age groups with a diverse array of complex medical conditions such as brain injury, stroke, coma, neurobehavioral disorders, infection, wounds, and those with dialysis and ventilator weaning needs.

At Lakeview, our goal is to enable individuals with acquired brain injuries, neurobehavioral impairments, and other complex medical conditions to achieve the highest level of functional independence and quality of life possible. Due to the experience, dedication, and compassion of our staff, we can treat some of the most challenging and difficult-to-serve individuals.

General Acute Care

Lakeview meets the needs of patients who no longer require the ICU but who present with medical conditions that are too complex for transfer to a skilled nursing home, subacute facility or home. Lakeview focuses on extended hospital care for the medically complex, catastrophically injured, or critically ill patient. Our specialized acute care hospital fills the gap in services between short term acute care hospitals and skilled nursing homes, rehabilitation or subacute facilities. Treatment programs focus on providing the highest level of care required to maximize the clinical outcomes of each patient.  Lakeview cares for those who can benefit from the team recovery approach of physician-oriented critical care nursing, intensive respiratory, dialysis, wound care and therapy services.

Coma Recovery Program

Lakeview provides services to individuals with brain injury who are assessed to be in a state of coma or semi-coma. Lakeview provides 24-hour specialized physician supervision and 24-hour nursing care supervised by RNs. Lakeview integrates all therapies into its program to maximize the recovery of each patient. Lakeview uses a person-centered approach and ensures that family members are centrally involved through education and training. Funders are assisted through cost-effective care, achievement of functional outcomes, and forward discharge planning.

Neurobehavioral Program

Lakeview provides an intensive transdisciplinary rehabilitation program, where goal-oriented functional treatment is provided to address cognitive, behavioral, and physical challenges. Compensatory strategies are taught to facilitate successful return to home or discharge to a less medically intensive environment. Lakeview uses positive behavior supports to address challenging behaviors that interfere with successful rehabilitation and the return to community living. Programs address developing communication and effective self-advocacy, improving self management techniques, and acquiring new skills and strategies that allow an individual to transition to living in the community.

Pulmonary/Vent Program

Lakeview’s Pulmonary/Vent Program facilitates comprehensive rehabilitation while meeting the needs of ventilator support and weaning. Respiratory Therapists are on site 24 hours per day.  Our experienced team of therapists, nurses, and physicians practice individualized treatment protocols to either wean the patient or provide education for self-management techniques. Our goal is reintegration to home and community with the focus on achieving the highest level of independence possible.