Neurobehavioral & Rehabilitation Programs

Neurobehavioral & Rehabilitation Programs

Lakeview provides highly effective, comprehensive programs addressing neurobehavioral complications and neurorehabilitation needs at our locations in Wisconsin and New Hampshire. Please contact a Lakeview team member to learn more about programs appropriate for an individual’s treatment.

An intensive evaluation that includes assessment by a transdisciplinary team is the first step. The team includes a Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Primary Care Practitioner, Nurse, Neuropsychologist, Behavior Analyst, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Recreation Therapist, and Case Manager. The individual served, family members or guardians, and the funder are also integral to the team. Within 10 days of the evaluation, a team meeting is convened to develop treatment recommendations. The resulting Individual Service Plan guides clinical care and is updated through the team meeting process involving the participant, family or guardian, and funder.

Neurobehavioral & Rehabilitation Programs

Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center

Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center provides a continuum of post-acute care for individuals with neurobehavioral challenges. Lakeview’s person-centered approach provides support for individuals recovering from acquired brain injury or facing the challenges of neurobehavioral diagnoses. Family members are supported through education and training. Funders are assisted through cost-effective care and the achievement of functional outcomes.

Lakeview uses positive behavioral supports to address challenging behaviors that interfere with successful rehabilitation and the return to living in the community. Programs address improving healthy choices, increasing behavioral success, reducing unwanted behaviors, improving self management techniques and developing new skills and strategies that allow an individual to transition to living in the community.

Adult Programs

Lakeview provides neurobehavioral and neurorehabilitation programs which focus on functionally based therapies and address cognitive and life skill development. The program establishes positive behavioral support to increase healthy, adaptive behavior and address unsafe behavior which interferes with successful rehabilitation outcomes. Adults are assisted to maximize their independence at home and to facilitate their successful return to work or productive activity.

Young Adults (Ages 18-21)

Lakeview meets the unique needs of the young adult with a neurobehavioral/developmental diagnosis, who is transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Pre-vocational services become central to this individual’s program, as the young adult moves from a school-based setting to healthy, productive adult activity. The young adult lives with age-appropriate peers and participates in the on-site school and vocational programs. Based upon their behavioral stability, young adults may reside in the community or in more structured campus settings.