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  • A coma is a state of unconsciousness in which the person is unable to respond to his or her environment. Many patients come to us in a minimally responsive state. The brain is functioning at its lowest stage of alertness. During a coma and throughout periods of decreased responsiveness, medical and therapeutic interventions are critical to guide the patient toward a successful recovery while optimizing on-going health and condition.

    Lakeview delivers an integrated and intensive coma recovery program, including medical, nursing and allied health therapies, to best address the complex needs of each patient. Our Coma Recovery Program focuses on the prevention and treatment of medical complications, monitoring for signs of arousal and awareness, ensuring adequate nutrition, and modifying the environment to promote interaction with the setting and others in the milieu.

    The patient’s rehabilitation team is continually assessing the individual’s level of consciousness and his or her ability to interact with the environment. The team works with the individual to maximize his or her physical, emotional and functional potential. Family and/or caregiver education are also provided, so that they become active members of the coma recovery team.

    Lakeview strives to offer a calm and nurturing environment. We do this by controlling external stimulation and creating surroundings that are meaningful to the patient and family. We encourage families to bring pictures, favorite music, scents, and meaningful objects into the patient’s room to assist with the recovery process.

    Programs Admissions Profile

    • History of TBI or similar neurological impairment
    • Rancho Los Amigos Levels II-III
    • Requires 24-hour availability of medical care specializing in rehabilitation
    • Requires 24-hour availability of nursing care specializing in rehabilitation
    • Requires clinical interventions to promote alertness, interaction within the environment, medical stability, functional breathing, adequate nutrition intake, and increase functional physical potential.
    • Family, significant other and/or payor willingness to participate in family education and teaching, as appropriate.

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    • Nursing Services
    • Respiratory Therapy Services
    • Nutritional Services
    • Pharmacy Interventions
    • Case Management/Social Services
    • Neurology and Psychology Consults
    • Neuropsychology and Psychological Counseling Services