Skills and Strategies for Community Reintegration: Over- learning and Environmental Modification for Success

Date: May 23, 2012
Time: 55 minutes

Michael P. Mozzoni, Ph.D./BCBA-D/CBIST

Skills and Strategies for Community Reintegration: Over-learning and Environmental Modification for Success. It has been said that achievement is talent plus preparation. While ability plays a role, it is small in compari- son to preparation. Given that people in community treatment settings often have ability, the thing that distinguishes success from failure is how they work to develop and maintain adap- tive skills and awareness of stimuli that challenge self-control. Areas of challenge which impact successful community living include: IADLs, vocational ability, self-control, emotional con- trol, following medication regimes, avoiding substance abuse, problem solving skills, money management, social skills and intimacy- to name but a few. This presentation will look at strategies to help people with ABI learn/relearn skills, arrange their environment for success and attend to antecedent stimuli that foster adaptive and/or maladaptive behaviors

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Skills, Strategies, ABI, Brain Injury, Independent Living, Motivation, Rehabilitation, Determination