Resources: CEUs

Resources: CEUs

Lakeview is the established source for continuing education for professionals dedicated to the treatment of people affected by neurological and behavioral challenges. Free CEUs may be earned through visiting our interactive website, such as our Third Thursday at Three Series.

Resources: CEUs



Acess our Third Thursday at Three Series and earn one Certified Case Management or one Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Continuing Education Unit.  

January 15 - Behavioral Rehabilitation Following Pediatric Brain Injury.    

This presentation will cover pediatric incident rates, how the developing brain responds differently from a mature brain with respect to emerging challenges, assessment procedures and treatment. We will highlight the use of applied behavior analysis and functional assessment as an efficient strategy for developing treatments likely to be effective. Evidence based decision making using single subject designs will also be used to illustrated treatment effectiveness.

Michael Mozzoni is the Director of Behavioral Services for Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center in Effingham NH.  He is a board certified behavior analyst and certified brain injury specialist clinical trainer who has worked with people with brain injuries since 1985. He holds a Ph.D. in applied behavior analysis from Florida State University and a M.A. in experimental psychology from Harvard University.  He served as treasurer for both the ACRM (American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine) Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group and ACBIS (Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists). He is a reviewer for the NIH Center for Scientific Review panel and is a member of the National Advisory Board for the Sarah Jane Brain Project and the Behavior Analysis Certification Board examination committee. Mike also serves as a member of the editorial boards of Behavioral Interventions, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (ad hoc) and Brain Injury (ad hoc). He has served as an adjunct professor in the ABA department at the Chicago School for Professional Psychology. He has numerous awards, publications and presentations in the areas of: Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Employee Turnover, Behavior Management, Skill Acquisition and Environmental Hardening. 


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February 19 - Asthma and COPD.

This presentation will review the differences between Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and what is similar.

Dr. Alfred Habel is the Executive Medical Director at Lakeview Specialty Hospital & Rehab and is on the pulmonary staff at United Health Care Hospital in Kenosha, WI. Dr. Habel completed his undergraduate training at University of Parkside, Kenosha, WI and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His post-graduate training was completed in Minneapolis, MN at Hennepin County Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Habel is a member of the Education Committee, Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care at the Mayo Clinic, and Chairman of the Ethics Committee at the Kenosha Hospital among many other activities. He has published several articles and won the American College of Chest Physicians Young Investigator Award.

March 19 - TBI and PTSD: Commonalities and Differences.

This presentation will review the history, research symptoms and treatment of mild TBI and PTSD.  The focus will be to examine areas of divergence and convergence to foster deeper understanding and optimal care for those who experience one or both of these conditions, particularly military service members.

Tina M. Trudel, PhD is President & Chief Operating Officer of Lakeview NeuroCare, Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Centers and Specialty Hospitals, and Lakeview Care Partners, a leading group in brain injury rehabilitation, medically complex care and neurobehavioral treatment across the United States.  Dr. Trudel served as the Senior Scientist/Research Coordinator and Site Director of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center Charlottesville Rehabilitation Programs (2005-2013), and is the founder and co-principal of Northeast Evaluation Specialists, PLLC of NH and ME.  She chaired the Brain Injury Long Term Issues Task Force of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, is a board member of the North American Brain Injury Society, the Brain Injury Association of America (former President of the Business and Professional Council), a founding member of the Blast Injury Institute and board member of the Sara Jane Brain Foundation, as well as a reviewer for the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research TBI Model Systems.  She served on the governing board of the American Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists (AACBIS) and as a postdoctoral supervisor in the Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School from 2000-2005.  Dr. Trudel is presently an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.  She is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist with extensive behavioral and rehabilitation experience, and has numerous publications and presentations.  She received the Brain Injury Association of America's 2008 Founder's Award for her work and advocacy in the field of brain injury rehabilitation.   

April 16 - Autism and Psychiatric Co-Morbidities.

Review of the frequency of psychiatric co-morbidities amongst the Autism population and presentation of symptoms.   Psychiatric co-morbidities reviewed to include Mood Disorders, Psychotic Disorders and Anxiety Disorders; with a review of best practice treatment models to address assessment of co-morbidities.

Kean Quinton, M.A., Program Director at Lakeview’s Lewistown Program in Pennsylvania.  Mr. Quinton has been involved in the health care filed since 1987.  Initially working in surgery with York Hospital in Pennsylvania, Mr. Quinton transferred to inpatient child/adolescent psychiatric services in 1992.  Since  that time, Mr. Quinton’s work experience has involved working with range of mental health work with in home care, residential settings, and outpatient services.  This has included work with adults in mental health, substance abuse and the York County Drug Court Program.  Before transferring to Lakeview Neuro Rehab, Mr. Quinton was the supervisor for a Multi Disciplinary Autism Program for York, Adams and surrounding counties in Central Pennsylvania. 

May 21 - When Death is Near.

This presentation openly discusses the difficult decisions when diseases progress and end of life may be near.

Dr. Joshua Bloom is a Pulmonologist at Lakeview Specialty Hospital & Rehab and is on the pulmonary staff at United Hospital System in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dr. Bloom completed his undergraduate training at University of Illinois and his post-graduate training was completed at University of Illinois Hospital. Dr. Bloom is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He has practiced medicine in Kenosha since 1988 and serves as the Medical Director of Hospice Alliance.

June 18 - Medical Management of Spasticity.

This presentation will cover clinical features of spasticity and its treatment options. The session will highlight the use of assessments, evaluations, and treatments for spasticity as an efficient strategies for developing treatments likely to be effective. Evidence based decision making using single subject designs will also be used to illustrated treatment effectiveness.

Dr. Ketchum is the Physical Medicine and Rehab Program Director at Lakeview Specialty Hospital & Rehab in Waterford, WI.   He also is a Medical College of Wisconsin Physiatrist who sees patients with spasticity (muscle tightness) due stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, dystonia, specializing in botulinum toxin injections and baclofen pump management. He received his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin Medical School - Madison (2006), Residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (2007-2010), fellowship in Spasticity and Neurorehabilitation - Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (2010-2011).