Special Education Accredited Schools

Special Education Accredited Schools

Special Education Accredited Schools

Lakeview Wisconsin School and Youth Program

Hillside School

Hillside School is accredited by North Central accreditation and is recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Education as a private school specializing in Special Education. The mission of the Hillside School is to provide the skills and academic foundation to build the character, self respect and functional independence necessary to optimize each student’s integration to public school and community life. Hillside School offers educational programs in small classrooms based on Individual Education Plans for students from surrounding communities and for those residing in our Residential Center.

The Residential Children’s Center for Children and Youth

Lakeview WI (800-611-2063) provides functionally-based, individualized treatment programs for children, adolescents and young adults with neurologic and behavioral diagnoses from age 6 to 21 (admitted prior to age 18). Lakeview uses a person-centered approach and ensures that family members are centrally involved through education and training. Funders are assisted through cost-effective care and achievement of functional outcomes.

Residential Service

Lakeview’s comprehensive WI program integrates all services through a treatment plan that addresses positive behavior supports, education, and therapeutic rehabilitation in an environment that encourages a child’s successful development and growth. Children and adolescents reside with age-appropriate peers. Each program participant is provided with his or her own bedroom. Leisure and recreational activities are designed to enhance the rehabilitation process and functional skill development.