Interim Alternative Placement

Interim Alternative Placement

Interim Alternative Placement


The Lakeview School is committed to serving youth and adolescents in the least restrictive environment with a focus on best diagnostic, educational and therapeutic practices enhanced by positive behavioral supports. The 45 – 60 day interim alternative placement provides diagnostic clarification, complete appropriate assessments, stabilization of unsafe behaviors, and comprehensive discharge planning with recommendations for longer term support and transportable interventions targeted for successful implementation in the discharge environment.


The 45 – 60 day interim alternative placement at the Lakeview School is designed to serve youth and adolescents who fit some of these criteria:

  • The child is experiencing repeated behavioral crises at school
  • Their family/caregivers are no longer able to manage the child at home
  • Their residential program provider is struggling to manage the child safely
  • The child is not making satisfactory progress in their current setting
  • The child presents with complex needs that adversely impact effective plan development

The 45-60 day interim assessment provides an alternative to placement in a psychiatric hospital; a transition between a psychiatric hospitalization and return to school; or an efficient and effective model to develop a comprehensive educational plan for implementation by the referring school district.


The Lakeview School serves youth or adolescents for an interim alternative placement of an estimated 45 – 60 days. The assessment is completed by a comprehensive integrated clinical team. The evaluations include psychiatry, neuropsychology, neurology, general medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavior analysis, nursing services and educational services.

The Interim Alternative Placement also includes regular family therapy / family training, a highly structured behavior management environment with 24 hour awake supervision, 1:1 staffing as necessary for the implementation of an ABA program, a focus on developing positive behavioral supports and the management of aggressive behavior and dyscontrol within the educational and residential program.

Lakeview provides individual and small group therapy, management of psychopharmacologic regimen, including follow up with identified community psychiatrist, medication trials accompanied by behavioral treatment modalities and daily data collection.

The Lakeview School further provides a structured Individualized Education Program during the school day, individual and group rehabilitation services, psychotherapeutic treatments, occupational, speech, and physical therapy used for both rehabilitative and behavioral purposes.

The Case Manager serves as a liaison with the referring school district/stake holders and facilitates discharge planning. The family/caregivers are provided with supportive and educational resources.


Discharge Planning begins at admission and realistic goals are established in consultation with the referring school district, family and other stakeholders. The Interim Alternative Placement will facilitate discharge to home setting and public school setting or to an alternative and least restrictive setting.

The full assessment will be completed by day 30 to allow the remaining time to be used to implement treatment based on the results of the evaluation and for collaboration with the discharge settings, both home and school. This allows time for recommended medication changes, behavioral interventions and family, school and/or community agency meetings to occur in preparation for discharge planning.

Treatment strategies will continue, and all recommendations and data is compiled into a discharge manual provided to the family, funders and caregivers with copies of all evaluations, recommended treatment protocols and discharge resources for continuing support. The Lakeview team will continue to be available for post-discharge support and consultation to ensure smooth transitions and provide further recommendations for positive outcomes.

Referral to Interim Alternative Placement

Referrals can be made by contacting our Admissions Department at 603.539.7451 or by email at The Admissions Department will work with you to determine if this program is the right choice for your youth or adolescent.