Case Studies

Case Studies

Here at Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center we help one person at a time. Many of our clients were considered “outliers,” their behavior too difficult to manage.

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Adult Male with TBI from Motor Vehicle Accident

In this case of a gentleman who was in a motor vehicle accident and had five placements in the year prior to coming to Lakeview, our teamwork and client centered approach yielded results that made a difference and returned him home and back to work.

Mr. Lee was a 31 y/o man who sustained a TBI as a result of a motor vehicle accident, where he was an unbelted driver who left the road and collided with a tree. He sustained left intraparenchymal, left frontal and parietal hemorrhages, T7-T9 compression fractures, skull and rib fractures as well as bilateral neumothoraces. Throughout his acute and outpatient rehabilitation he regained functional skills and was discharged home and was cleared to return to work.

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Case Study 2: Adult Male with Military Trauma

In this case study of a gentleman who was in the military and sustained a gunshot wound to the head, leaving him blind, angry and depressed, our teamwork and client centered approach yielded results that made a difference.

Mr. Cando was a 24 y/o man, on leave from Iraq when he sustained a gunshot wound to the left side of his head exiting on the right. He underwent a bifrontal craniotomy with debridement of the bifrontal lobes. CT scans revealed significant injury to the frontal lobes, the roof of both orbits and multiple calvarial bone fractures with metallic artifacts in both frontal lobes. The injury left Mr. Cando blind, impulsive and angry. While in Iraq he was subjected to numerous blasts but said little, once at home his wife noticed evidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He denied experiencing PTSD because he wanted to get back to his unit.

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Case Study 3: Day at the Fair - WI Case

On a beautiful, idyllic summer’s evening spent attending a Midwestern state fair Mr. Able and his companion found themselves the objects of harassment by a local gang. Mr. Able was brutally assaulted with a tire iron as he attempted to defend himself and his companion. The attack left Mr. Able with a skull fracture, subdural hematoma, and comatose. Mr. Able required significant rehabilitation following the attack and upon discharge from hospitalization reported unmanageable pain which he addressed through the use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana and methamphetamines.

The Lakeview interdisciplinary team worked intensively with Mr. Able addressing his medical and cognitive needs. Neuropsychological assessment was performed to assess the level of Mr. Able’s deficits and treatment was begun to address his memory deficits and the symptoms of his Post Traumatic Stress resulting from his attack.

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Case Study 4: Aggressive Youth at Home

Mandy was referred to a State Hospital due to an increase in aggressive behavior. She remained at the hospital for 6 months prior to admitting to Lakeview Neurorehabilitation Center. She was referred for evaluation of cognitive, psychological, and academic status to aid in educational and treatment planning.

Mandy had behavioral, cognitive and functioning problems since the onset of severe intractable seizures at age 5. The seizures were so severe that some resulted in respiratory and/or cardiac arrest. The decision was made at age 6 that Mandy needed a left temporal lobe resection to stop these recurrent unmanageable seizures. Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke post operatively. Her mother reported that after the surgery everything had changed, from the way she talked to the way she walked, to her personality in general. The surgery was partially successful and resulted in fewer, less intense seizures. At the age of 10 a vagal nerve stimulator was placed but the seizures continued.

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