Community Integrated Programs

Community Integrated Programs

Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center in New Hampshire provides community-integrated transitional and long-term supported living environments for adults (18 and older) with neurobehavioral challenges. Our greater goal is to empower people to live fully, realize their goals, and engage thoroughly in their home lives and communities.

These supported living environments allow an individual to interact regularly within the local community, to gain increased independence with the support of a continuum of care, and to recover or progress more quickly. Lakeview’s person-centered approach supports the individual’s ability to live at his or her highest level of independence within the least restrictive environment, with many participants progressing to functional independence and supported or competitive employment.

Community Integrated Programs

Residential Support

Residents share in-home activities including shopping, cooking, laundry, and general house chores. Individuals are provided with 24-hour supervision and individualized levels of support for all activities of daily living. Cognitive, psychosocial, prevocational and life skill therapy groups are offered on a daily basis and supervised by licensed staff.

Community Services

Residents take advantage of their local communities for recreational, social, and cultural activities. Socialization, leisure, health, and wellness skills are facilitated and supported. Transportation and supervision are provided as needed. Full access to community and Lakeview’s comprehensive staff of medical and allied health professionals is available.

Vocational Support

Residents enjoy access to community and to NH program- based work environments. Program opportunities include a greenhouse, a woodshop, and agricultural, clerical and culinary programs. Vocational evaluations, coaching, and community access skills are also addressed.

Community Culture

Lakeview is dedicated to assisting each individual to live at his or her highest level of independence, and Lakeview is committed to providing the level of structure and support that is necessary for each individual to be his or her most successful in a community setting. Services are designed to maximize the individual’s independent functioning in self-care, physical and emotional growth, socialization, communication, and vocational skills.

Lifestyle Opportunities

Lakeview ensures that each participant has a plan of care that is comprehensive and individualized. The plan is developed in collaboration with the participant, his or her support network, and any area agency that may work with the individual.

Medical and Mental Health

Participants are provided with the structure and support they need to manage their medical and mental health needs. The Case Manager oversees medical services, allied health therapies, and mental health services that are accessed in the community. Daily routines support care plans from physicians, therapists, and counselors. A local pharmacy delivers medication prescriptions.

Vocational Opportunities

Returning to work after a brain injury is a challenge. Through vocational programs, Lakeview works with individuals to pursue a return to work and productive use of time opportunities in their residence and community through collaboration with New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation and other community agencies. Opportunities to explore vocational options, volunteer in community business and service environments, and transition to supported employment with job coaching are integrated into each individual’s service plan.

Levels of Service

An individual’s plan of care will typically include: case management; community integration; access to community activities and services; medication management; 24-hour supervision; and, as needed, neuropsychological consultation. Participants are supported with a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise and reside in private rooms in comfortable residences. Transportation into and around the community is provided as needed for all activities.

Recreational Opportunities

Participants are encouraged to be self-reliant and as independent as possible. Community Integration Specialists and Case Managers work with residents to help prioritize goals and access leisure pursuits in the community, designed to enhance their overall quality of life.


Lakeview is certified by the New Hampshire State Department of Health and Human Services.