Waterford, Wisconsin


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Lakeview Specialty Hospital and Rehab
1701 Sharp Road
Waterford, WI 53185
Key Contacts: Sheri Capurso, MBA, Admissions

1-262-534-8507 FAX
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Adult Hospital/LTAC - 39 beds
Child/Adolescent Residential Treatment - 25 beds
Adult Community Re-entry and Assisted Living - 20 beds (multiple sites)
Both Lakeview New Hampshire and Lakeview Wisconsin provide JCAHO accredited comprehensive, individualized treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults with services including:

  • Psychiatric and medical management
  • Nursing services 24-hour/day on-site
  • Neuropsychological and psychological services
  • Applied behavior analysis and behavioral intervention
  • Individual, group and family therapy; chaplain services
  • Accredited special education and transitional living programs
  • Occupational, physical, recreation and speech/language therapy
  • Dietician and nutritional services
  • Vocational skills training and work-sites
  • Community based recreational and therapeutic activities
  • Family visitation
  • Family support and educational services
  • 24-hour residential care with overnight awake supervision
  • Medical school and university professional training affiliations
  • Outpatient consultation, evaluation and therapy