Lewistown, PA


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Lakeview NeuroCare at Lewistown
25 Woods Lane
Lewistown, PA 17044

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Special Features

Lakeview NeuroCare at Lewistown is a therapeutic residential program serves both female and adolescent males ages 10 through 17 with challenges related to autism, pervasive developmental disorder, Acquired Brain Injury and other neurodevelop-mental conditions that impact behavioral functioning, self-care skills, education and communication. The program is person-centered, family focused and emphasizes implementation of best practices and evidence-based treatment in a safe and caring environment.

Lakeview NeuroCare is situated on a nine acre estate in a quiet neighborhood that offers easy access to downtown Lewistown, PA. The program has a total capacity of 15-20 program participants.

The program focuses upon functional skill acquisition including positive approaches to behavioral self-management, by providing an appropriately structured environment and intensive therapeutic services. Participants receive the supports needed to manage their medical needs. Programs are individually designed by a transdisciplinary treatment team that may include:

  • Psychiatrist

  • Clinical Neuropsychologist

  • Psychologist

  • Applied Behavior Analyst

  • Speech Pathologist

  • Physical, Occupational and Recreation Therapists

  • Nurse

  • Case Manager

  • Rehabilitation Specialists


Lakeview’s national network of specialists is available to consult with Lewistown’s team, both on-site and via video/teleconferencing.

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