Colorado Family pleased with son's improvements at Lakeview

My son is a 15 year old, diagnosed with Mood Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities. He has been hospitalized multiple times for aggressive behaviors to himself and others. Prior to admitting to Lakeview, he was being treated in a facility in Kansas that was only able to manage these behaviors with a minimum of 2:1 staffing (and often more) and multiple physical restraints. Through the advice of our Educational Consultant, we found Lakeview and set up a tour to meet with the clinicians and tour the campus. Prior to acceptance, Dr. Mozzoni, the Director of Behavioral Services at Lakeview, came to Kansas to meet my son and his staff. Following this visit, in order to prepare for my son's arrival, Dr. Mozzoni conducted multiple safety trainings with staff that included videos of my son and preferred behavioral methods for dealing with him.

Now that my son has been at Lakeview for the past 5 months, we have seen a lot of progress. His physical and self injurious behaviors have decreased significantly and he now needs only one staff with him in the evening. His teacher reports that he is engaging in school, smiling and vocalizing more, which is something that we had not seen in awhile. Prior to admission to Lakeview, he was physically restrained daily. Now he is rarely restrained and has been able to demonstrate safe behavior with the aid of an intensive contingent reinforcement schedule and functional communication training using a picture book. I feel that Lakeview is right place for my son and only wish it was closer to Colorado.