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Dr. Tina Trudel Presenter - Autism Spectrum Disorder and Reactive Attachment Disorder

Lakeview’s Dr. Tina Trudel recently presented two sessions at the Pennsylvania CIU#10 training conference held in Bellefonte, PA, on August 13&14.  Dr. Trudel shared her expertise on the topics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), diagnoses served at all three Lakeview CARF (rehabilitation ) and Joint Commission (behavioral health) accredited youth programs in Lewistown, PA, Effingham, NH and Waterford, WI.  Dr. Trudel previously served on the NH Autism Task force and was one of the authors of the text : Autism Practice Guidelines: Assessment and Intervention (2001) published by the NH Department of Health and Human Services.  Dr. Trudel noted,’ I am pleased to have the opportunity to present on Autism and Reactive Attachment Disorder, both diagnoses Lakeview is treating with increased frequency in our programs.  Both ASD and RAD are associated with many myths and fads, and it is important to share the current science, best practices and evidence–based treatment as we continue to learn more and enhance our interventions to help children with Autism Spectrum and Reactive Attachment Disorder diagnoses.’

Dr. Amanda Goza Named Lakeview, NH Clinical Director

Lakeview’s former leader of Youth Services, Dr. Amanda Goza, has accepted promotion to serve as Lakeview NH’s Clinical Director. During her time at Lakeview, Dr. Goza has been instrumental in integrating applied behavior analysis (ABA) and psychological services in both Lakeview’s certified special education program and residential treatment program, enhancing the Trauma Informed Care model, developing a specialized Young Adult Program for those over 18 and ensuring the Lakeview program meets or exceeds all licensing and accreditation standards, including CARF (rehabilitation) and Joint Commission (Behavioral Health).

Mother credits Lakeview with helping her daughter

Published Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2013 06:33 in the Conway Daily Sun

EFFINGHAM – The mother of a special needs woman says her daughter was helped tremendously by Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center.

On Tuesday, Casey Ralston, 21, left Lakeview with her mother, Julie Clipp, in an RV bound for a group home in Pennsylvania. Casey's family lives outside of Philadelphia.

Clipp explained that since Casey turned 21, the state of Pennsylvania will no longer pay an out of state facility and thus Casey had to move back. Casey has autism and a diagnosis of severe cognitive disability.


Kean Quinton to Lead Lakeview NeuroCare at Lewistown

Lakeview is pleased to announce that Kean Quinton has joined our team as the Program Director of Lakeview NeuroCare at Lewistown, PA, a community-based residential provider of specialized therapeutic services for adolescents males and females with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Brain Injury and related neurodevelopmental conditions.  Mr. Quinton was previously employed by WellSpan Behavioral Health of York, PA where he had served as Coordinator of Autism Services since 2009.  Mr. Quinton previously served as Program Supervisor of Family Base Mental Health Services, January 2002-June 2009, and Director of the Emergency Shelter of the Children’s Home of York, PA November 2000-January 2002.  Mr. Quinton completed his Family Based Mental Health Services Certificate in 1998 and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, in 1999 at Towson University.  


Dr. Tina Trudel, Lakeview Chief Operating Officer, to Give Keynote Address

Lakeview’s Dr. Tina Trudel will be speaking on Neurotoxicology and the risks of living in a chemical world, as the key note address for the October 22, 2013 Maine Brain Injury Conference.  This presentation will examine the impact of neurotoxin exposure, with a focus on central nervous system damage and concomitant symptoms.  Common occupational and environmental neurotoxins will be discussed, as well as the effects of low level long-term exposure.  Neuropsychological evaluation and findings will be highlighted.  Participants will learn about the global issue of neurotoxin exposure and potential damage including: peripheral nervous system; central nervous system;  combined CNS/PNS;  indirect structural damage; and indirect reactive effects.  Key physical, cognitive and behavioral symptoms, as well as soft signs, of neurotoxin injury, in the contexts of acute versus low level long term exposure will be identified.  Specific classes of neurotoxins (metals, solvents, etc.), and their occupational and environmental risks and symptom profiles will be reviewed, along with general treatment options for more common neurotoxin exposures.


Lakeview NH Announces New Clinical Director

Dr. Amanda Goza has been promoted to Clinical Director of Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center in Effingham, NH.  Dr. Goza joined Lakeview last year, leading our Youth Program.  She is a senior psychologist with significant experience in management, training, policy and systems.  Dr. Goza received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the APA accredited program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), and completed her APA accredited internship and fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia Hospital’s Treatment Center for Children. She has served as a director of behavior therapy and program support, and as a staff psychologist, at programs in Abilene, TX, and was most recently Director of Psychology and Clinical Services Development for Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute before joining Lakeview.


The BRAIN Initiative

For the first time in memory, a President of the United States is directly addressing the human brain and all of the disorders stemming from brain dysfunction. On April 2nd, President Obama launched the BRAIN Initiative, a national public-private initiative to map the human brain. This project combines federal funds and private sector dollars in the same way done to map the human genome. The Human Genome project was an amazing success, the fruits of which will be borne for decades to come. According to the White House, along with advancing science and health, the Human Genome project has provided an economic return of $141 for every dollar invested. Undoubtedly, the BRAIN Initiative will reap similar scientific, therapeutic and economic returns.

Congratulations to Lakeview’s Theresa Stevens, RN, MS, CRRN, CIC, Leader in Infection Control

Lakeview is pleased to congratulate Theresa Stevens, RN, MS, CRRN, CIC who has been recently elected to the Board of Directors for the South East Wisconsin Chapter of Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). Theresa’s appointment to the APIC Chapter Board of Directors is a great acknowledgment that helps showcase Theresa’s passion for improving patient care. Theresa serves as the Wisconsin facility’s Certified Infection Preventionist and continues to help guide our facility through improving our infection prevention and infection control practices. Theresa received her Associates Degree in Nursing from the College of Lake County, IL in 1980, her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Milwaukee, WI in 1989, and her Masters of Science in Management and Business in 1993, from National Louis University, IL. She is Board Certified as a Rehabilitation Nurse and as a Board Certified Infection Preventionist. Her APIC SE Chapter 30 Board of Directors two- year appointment commenced 12/6/12.

Lakeview NH Director of Nursing to be Honored by NH Nurse’s Association

Anne Ulman, RN, BSN, Lakeview NH Director of Nursing, will be recognized at the October 18, 2012 Annual Convention of the New Hampshire Nurse’s Association.  Ms. Ulman will be the recipient of the NH Champion of Nursing Award, a statewide honor given annually to an individual who has had a positive impact on the profession of nursing.  The awardee is deemed to have contributed by demonstrating characteristics and practices that support individual nurses and the nursing profession, and is someone who has provided leadership and involvement in the nursing community.  Ms. Ulman has been the leader of nursing at Lakeview for many years, joining the organization in early 2003.  Under her direction, Lakeview’s depth and breadth of nursing services, including nurse and nurse’s aide fully staffed programs, 24/7 nursing coverage across all residential units, nurse administered medication rounds and team nurse health management, have developed to serve adults and youth with increasing medical complexity.  Along with leading a department of over 30 nurses, Ms. Ulman also spearheads facility-wide health and wellness initiatives and education and assists in coordinating Lakeview’s multi-specialty physician services.


Dr. Amanda Goza Now Lakeview NH Youth Program Director

Dr. Goza is Director of Lakeview's Youth Services, joining the organization with over a decade of clinical leadership and management experience. Dr. Goza received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the APA accredited program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), and completed her APA accredited internship and fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia Hospital's Treatment Center for Children.