TBI NeuroRehabilation Program

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  • At Lakeview, our goal is to enable individuals with acquired brain injuries to achieve the highest level of functional independence possible. Due to the experience, dedication and compassion of our staff, we individualize the programming for participants focusing on community re-entry and developing compensatory strategies to promote functional independence. At Lakeview, we are dedicated to the treatment of the individual served through personcentered care utilizing best practices.

    The TBI Neurorehabilitation Program is a State of Wisconsin certified program. The program provides a structured treatment environment with an interdisciplinary clinical expertise meeting the needs of persons with acquired brain injury. The goal of the program is build each individual’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills, reinforce learned strategies, and facilitate the achievement of educational and vocational goals in the community of their choice.

    Programs Admissions Profile

    • History of TBI or similar neurological impairment
    • Rancho Los Amigos Levels VI-VIII
    • Requires 24-hour availability of medical care specializing in rehabilitation
    • Requires 24-hour availability of nursing care specializingin rehabilitation
    • Requires 24-hour supervision in a structured setting
    • Requires clinical interventions to promote functional living skills, community re-entry, social interpersonal skills, and educational/vocational opportunities
    • Family, significant other and/or payor willingness to participate in family education and teaching, as appropriate.

    Impairment or dependence in at least two of the following areas:

    • Self-care skills and/or continence
    • Mobility, including transfers and locomotion
    • Sensory/perceptual function
    • Cognitive function
    • Psychosocial adjustment
    • Vocational adjustment
    • Behavioral control
    • Communication
    • Pain Management
    • Physical/motor function

    Core Services:

    • Internal Medicine
    • Physical Medicine & Rehab Consultations
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
    • Recreational Therapy
    • Nursing Services
    • Respiratory Therapy Services
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Nutritional Services
    • Case Management Services
    • Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Psychiatry and Neurology Services
    • Neuropsychology and Psychological Counseling Services