Ventilator Weaning in the Patient with TBI

Date: October 17, 2013
Time: 35 minutes

Robyn R. Rushing, RRT, NRP, BBA

This presentation discusses weaning TBI patients from mechanical ventilation via a multi-disciplinary team approach, using the five focus areas of assessment, motivation, mobilization, communication, and education. The objective is to identify evidence-based weaning techniques and improvements in weaning. Topics include cognitive interventions, therapeutic modalities, protocols, appropriate pharmacology, and current technology. Emphasis is on positive reinforcement strategies for patients with TBI with the goal of medical stabilization, rehabilitation, and discharge planning to a “home” environment

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TBI, traumatic, brain, injury, gcs, damage, function, impaired, LTAC, inpatient, weaning, stabilization, home, pulmonary, care, cognitive, patient, surgery, assessment, protocol, ventilator, ventilation, pcv, rehab, rehabilitation,